Congratulatory Message Requests

My office can organise official anniversary messages for members of the electorate of Mallee who are celebrating a special birthday or wedding anniversary.

Depending on the milestone, you can receive personal congratulations from the Prime Minister, Governor-General or the Queen.

Anyone who receives a Congratulatory Message will also receive messages from their Federal Member, State Member and Mayor of the Municipality.

Should you like to also receive a message from the Pope, you will need to apply separately through the Catholic Church.


Who Qualifies?

90th birthdays and above-Upon request, the Prime Minister will send a message of congratulations.

100th birthdays and above-Upon request, the Queen and Governor-General will send a message of congratulations. The Prime Minister and the Governor-General will write again every year thereafter and the Queen will write again every five years, if requested.

Couples celebrating 50 years of marriage-Upon request, the Prime Minister and Governor-General will send messages of congratulations to the couple and will, if requested send messages for every subsequent wedding anniversary the couple mark.

Couples celebrating 60 years of marriage-Upon request, the Queen will send a message of congratulations and will write every five years, thereafter, if requested.

When to Arrange the Message

You can request a congratulatory message up to two months before the celebration. You can also request a belated message up to one month after the birthday or wedding anniversary has passed.

You should allow at least one month for the application to be sent to Canberra for processing.

Where Will the Message Be Delivered?

Messages can be delivered directly to the recipient or to a care-of address, if the message is being arranged as a surprise.

How to Arrange a Message

To arrange an anniversary message, you can call my office on 1300 131 620 or complete the form below.

You will need to provide supporting documentation such as birth certificates or marriage certificates. If these are not available you can provide a statutory declaration.

Statutory declaration forms are available at any Australia Post Office.

Where appropriate, your request to the Prime Minister will be passed on to the Governor-General and the Queen so you only have to make one application.

More information about Congratulatory Messages is available here in the Australian Government’s brochure.

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