The Mallee Region

The electorate of Mallee is a significant rural electorate of 81,962 square kilometres stretching from the South Australian border we have Mildura in the north all the way to Maryborough in south and the West Wimmera. 

The Federal “Division” of the Mallee includes twelve municipalities; Horsham, Swan Hill and Mildura Rural Cities and the Northern Grampians, Gannawarra, Buloke, Hindmarsh, Yarriambiack West Wimmera, Loddon, Pyrenees, and Central Goldfield Shires.

First proclaimed in 1948/49, the Mallee Electorate is the largest geographical electorate in Victoria and the 12th largest in the country. The Mallee is noted for a variety of industries including tourism, service industries, small manufacturing, transport, education, biotechnology and research.

It is also a prime horticultural and agricultural region, producing dried fruits, citrus, stone fruit, almonds, olives, pistachio and other nuts, bee-keeping and pollination, wheat and other cereals, wool, sheep, vegetables, forestry, wine grapes, table grapes, dairying, meat works, sand mining and gold.

The Mallee electorate, which gets its name from a Eucalyptus tree, is home to over 100,000 people and covers over a third of the state of Victoria. The people of the North Western Victoria regions are known for their resilience, friendly nature – and good looks!
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